11 Pakistani Hindus Killed: Refusing to SPY against Pakistan

11 Pakistani Hindus Killed: The Foreign Office has uncovered that 11 Pakistani Hindu transients were slaughtered in India for declining to spy for India against their country. Pakistan has requested explanation from India on the puzzling killings of 11 Pakistani Hindus.

A month ago, 11 transients of a Bheel family were bafflingly discovered dead at their home in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The police had dispatched an examination, suspecting that the family was harmed. Notwithstanding, no further subtleties were delivered on the crime.

On Thursday, during a week by week press instructions, the Foreign Office representative, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry, said that Shrimati Mukhi, girl of an individual from the influenced family, had affirmed in a public interview that the Indian knowledge organization RAW was behind the mass homicide. As indicated by her, the organization had requested that the family become an enemy of Pakistan specialist and later murdered them for can’t. 11 Pakistani Hindus Killed

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The FO representative said that Indian strategies are a danger to provincial harmony. He noticed that Pakistan has more than once got some information about the examination concerning the secretive passings of 11 Pakistani Hindus, however India shunned sharing any data on the issue.

Prior on Sunday, the Bheel lady tended to a public interview in Hyderabad where she spoke to the Pakistan government and International Court of Justice (ICJ) to guarantee the criminological examination concerning the strange demise of 11 relatives.

Shrimati Mukhi asserted that the Indian office had her dad and other relatives slaughtered through the RSS hooligans after it neglected to persuade him to go about as a covert agent against Pakistan.

She uncovered that her dad had chosen to re-visitation of Pakistan to uncover RAW, yet they were slaughtered in their rest to secure the organization.

In a different turn of events, a Hindu family who had recently moved to India has gotten back to Pakistan. The group of 14 showed up through Wagah outskirt and has been dispatched to their old neighborhood Ghotki. 11 Pakistani Hindus Killed

One of the individuals from the family, Mukhi Sevak Ram, said they were enticed to move because of the tall cases of the Modi government. Be that as it may, the genuine substance of Prime Minister Modi was uncovered when they arrived at India.

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