Earn Free Bitcoin Online In 2020 | Non-Investment

It’s time to earn free bitcoin online. Most importantly you can earn bitcoin without any investment. This platform allow people to join from any corner of the world. Its totally free to join. Here you can earn bitcoin in several ways. Without wasting time let’s discuss how you can earn bitcoin free on this platform.

Earn Sats

Earn Sats is the platform where you can earn free bitcoin in many ways. You can also claim daily faucet to earn extra Bitcoin. You just have to complete simple tasks to earn free bitcoin. So let’s discuss in how many ways you can earn free bitcoin online here?

1- Offer Walls

In offerwalls you can earn bitcoin by playing games. Also by downloading different applications.

Iphone Android Earn Free Bitcoin Online

Select your device and start earning btc online. Complete their offers like creating market profile, promoting their pages will help you to earn more money.

2- Surveys

Answer surveys and questions to earn free bitcoin online.

3- Short Links

Here you have to visit different short links to earn btc.

4- Paid To Click

In this earning plan, visit different websites for short time and make money online.

5- Faucet

Here you can claim your faucet after every 30 minutes. You can claim 100,000 Satoshi BTC. All you have to do is fill captcha and spin the wheel.

6- Special Offers

In special offers, they’ll ask you to follow them on twitter or join them on telegram in order to earn more Bitcoin.


Here you can also advertise your online business. You have to deposit some funds fro this. Create ads of your platform and start making money online.

How To Withdraw?

On your dashboard, To withdraw your money click on Account. Minimum amount to withdraw is 5,000 Satoshi.

Note: You can deposit or withdraw only in Bitcoin