Gloria Jeans Staff Arrested after Beating Pregnant Lady in Murree

Gloria Jeans Staff Arrested: A stunning episode occurred at the Murree Expressway as a vacationer couple was supposedly assaulted, tormented and manhandled by some staff individuals at Gloria Jeans. The video of the man and his pregnant spouse being assaulted has turned into a web sensation via web-based media, starting shock from the open who requested that police specialists research this ghastly occurrence.

It seems like the nation falling increasingly more into mayhem as ongoing occurrences appear to recommend. While individuals are as yet reeling from the motorway assault occurrence, another awful occasion occurred in Murree. A video has been making adjusts all over web-based media, demonstrating a youthful couple being attacked and mishandled by a crowd of local people at Gloria Jeans. Gloria Jeans Staff Arrested

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As per gossipy tidbits, it is the lodging staff and the board that can be seen beating its clients. The episode occurred on September 12, 2020.

Trigger admonition: The accompanying video highlights savagery and isn’t intended for the feeble of heart. Kindly exercise alert.

In one of the clasps, the man can be heard shouting and fighting that his significant other is pregnant yet and still, at the end of the day, the awful local people continued mistreating and tormenting the couple and the pregnant lady who was additionally conveying a youngster. Gloria Jeans Staff Arrested

As indicated by sources, the Gloria Jeans staff assaulted the couple after they advised the family to not utilize their washroom. In any case, some case that the man traded ‘unforgiving words’ with the staff.

Concerning now, the couple is being treated at THQ Hospital and Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has considered the episode.

He has asked Rawalpindi Police to make a report of the occurrence and dispatch a full examination. The police have figured out how to catch the speculates associated with the fierce attack.

Murree is infamous for its inn mafia and how they treat their travelers horrifyingly. This ongoing episode is the same. It is significant that the police made quick move against the guilty parties who assaulted the sightseers. Notwithstanding, there should be an obstruction to such episodes.

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