How to Add Title and Description on Youtube? part 7

youtube videos title and description

in this article, I will tell you how to add title and description your youtube channel, It will help you to get visible on Youtube to get more visitor to your youtube videos and channel.

What is the meaning of the title on Youtube?

When you are uploading your video on youtube, there is 2 Section the first one is for the title of your video and the second one is for the Description.

What does Title play a role for your Youtube Video?

The title plays the main role for your video How? let me tell you if someone searching for the product or funny videos and you have the product and funny videos channel then you should write your title in that sense.

Like, if I am searching for funny videos in Google Search Engine. then I will write ” Best funny videos or Funny videos Compilation 2019″.

Then you can target these type of line for your title to get more traffic on your videos.

What is Description and how to write on Youtube?

Like you have targeted the title Like ” BEst funny Videos Compilation 2019″.

I will write a description related to my title, For Example, my related Description to my Title will be:

“Best Funny Videos of 2019 and having the great Compilation of 2019. if you are ready for the Top funny videos Compilation then explore our channel”.

Why do you need to Write Title and Description?

Because as a Youtuber you need to have the more visitor to make your channel popular then you need to focus on your title and Description it will help you to get visible and get higher rank easily by targeting the good keywords for your videos. Add Good title and Description this will help you to be popular than others.