How to Monetize for your Youtube Channel Part 6

monetize your youtube channel

Today, we are going to discuss in my training how to Monetize Your Youtube Channel where you can see Earn money online from youtube.

How to Apply on Google Adsense?

  • First of all, Go to the Link: Google Adsense
  • Then click on the Get Started
  • After that, Signup with you copied the link of your channel
  • Complete the Information with your CNIC and Gmail

All you need to signup with your real identity because when you will get your first payment from youtube. you have to receive your first payment from Western Union you need to submit your copy of CNIC.

Important about Adsense

  • Do not try to copy other material under Copyright Infragments
  • Original work will be considered for earning
  • Google Pay more than other Ad networking Media

If you work hard and do not try to cheat to Google Adsense you will get real money for a long time. Google Adsense always try to give unique things in Google Search Engine.

Youtube Requirements

  • Watch Time of your Videos 4000Hours
  • Minimum Subscriber 1000.

When you have completed Youtube Requirements then, Monetize your Youtube Channel


Why People Get Blocked by Google Adsense?

Because Google Adsense is strict who try to copy other people videos and they blocked them for doing fake work. they try to edit videos with watermark of their channel and changing screen. what do you think? is it a real way to make money for last long? My answer is No. because it’s an online thief who tries to piracy other people material. Now, Learn How to Apply on Google Adsense for Youtube.

How to Apply to Google Adsense