How to create an item in Quickbooks?

As far as Quickbooks is concern, every goods that you offer or cell is called item. Item is anything that you sell to your consumer. For example, photocopy of page like it is color or not is your item. There are lot of items in Quickbooks. First of all we will discuss about inventory type items.

What is Inventory type item?

Inventory type item are those that you purchase as an intention to be sell later. Whenever you purchase such item you have to register it in your system like Quickbooks.

How to create inventory type items in Quickbooks?

To keep record of our inventory items we have to first register it in our Quickbooks.

  • Go to the home page.
  • Go to the list on top of the page.
  • Then select items list.
  • Then press Ctrl + N .
  • New list will be appear.
  • Then in type menu select inventory type item.
  • Provide the basic information of that product.
  • Set cost and selling price of that particular item.
  • In the last provide inventory information that how many are available.
inventory item

what are services?

Services are the items which we provide to our customer and in return we charge them for it. Like doctor , lawyer, all these provide their services and return charge their customer.

How to create service items?

You have to follow all these steps that we done in creating inventory item. Just change the type of item and expense account and you are done.

service item