How to Earn Money from Youtube Best Tips for Beginner’s part 5 2019

earn money on youtube

in this article, I will teach you the Features of youtube and you can take the benefits of it and go for how to earn money from Youtube.

Youtube Shortcut Keys

youtube shortcut key

These are the amazing silent features of youtube and I will discuss an amazing feature that youtube hold in for the developers.

You can set up all your feature with this helping video that I am going to provide you and you can start making money online. try to cooperate and watch all video to understand all features of youtube.

Why Youtube is the Best Platform?

Because there are millions of viewer who are finding for things for example songs, solution and techniques because we are the co-worker on the youtube to help those and we can earn money per 1000 view per video more than 3 to 4 dollar.

Can We Make Money from Youtube?

Yes, you can earn money from youtube. all you need to concentrate on my videos and dollar teacher will help you how to make money on youtube. Youtube pay on per thousand views it varies with high CPC countries.

High CPC Countries

Countries Views Earning

UAE 1000 3-5$

UK 1000 2-4


Finland 1000 2-4

Australia 1000 2-3

Other USA 1000 2.5-4$

ASIA 1000 1.5-2$

Try to target this audience with a keyword research tool and you can earn more with the help of these countries.

I will come to my today’s topic I have discussed the youtube features and it was simple to use and make it easy for you. you can see your analytics reports of your videos and live audience that I have discussed in my video.


you can see these all reports in your youtube channel Beta settings.

  • Youtube Analytic report
  • Live audience tool
  • View per video report
  • Daily earning Report
  • Enhance the target keyword
  • Top watched Videos report
  • Channel Comments Approval