How to Manage Hours as a Freelancer? Part 14

How to Manage Hours as a Freelancer? Part 14

You will know the Experience of How to Manage Hours as a Freelancer? Most of my Subscribers ask me which one is beneficial when you are working as a Freelancer.

Choose the Basic Craft as a Freelancer

Fixed Price Vs Charge Per Hour

You need to consider all my previous freelancing training. You need to remember that you have to make a good impact on your employer with these things:

  • Positive Behaviour
  • Completion of Project before time
  • Stay Connected

These all categories telling you to work as a brand and you need to fix your price do not work for Charge per Hour. This will lead you to a good impression and you can also be done your work on time.

How to Manage Hours as a Freelancer? Didn’t Get your Answer? So, I will give you an example you have a project of creating a Website if you are working for Charge per Hour you will try to complete your project at a given time. You can not make a good impact on the completion of a project on time.

So, you need to work with the fixed price it will be beneficial

  • Good Impression
  • Positive Impact
  • Quality of Work
  • Completion of Project before time
  • The reward for the Referral

How to Manage Time?

Especially, When people try to make excuses with the Passage of time. You need to work as a successful freelancer you need to remember you are doing work hard for the profile and faced many troubles are you going to give an excuse of today you are not feeling well during the project completion???

Employer’s Expectation

They expect to see the best Performance and behave professionally in your field of freelancing. Because Time is Money!!!

  • Time Commitment
  • Quality of Work
  • Presenting your Country

So, Behave like professional after being successful. you need to remember time management is necessary for you. you are still working 3hr a day then try to give it fluently.