On-Page Optimization: Content Headings ( H1-H6)

h1 headings for seo

in this article, you will know how to write your content headings and how to get optimized?

Table of Contents

Is it part of SEO?

Yes, this is the more important part of the SEO of your website. because we all now that “Content is King”. you should optimize them properly.

How to use Headings?

Headings should be properly optimized. Like, if my keyword is important in the content I will give the H1 heading and dropdown H2, H3 and H4, it’s not important to in sequences where you feel this the important part of your paragraph you can give them H1 heading. Content Headings are very important for your article.

H1 is Important?

yes, Because Google will consider your first paragraph to show them in a description who are not using WordPress. So, optimize them as you want to give priority in a Google Search Engine.

How does it help to Make Good SEO?

Content Headings are one of the most primary tips by Google to be on the front page and people write about Google that there are 200+ factors which matter to optimize your website. so, the content heading is also an important factor for your website SEO.

  • Use it in your every dynamic post
  • Give priority by H1 headings
  • Enhance your article writing skills by H1