On-Page Optimization: How to write content With Keywords and Synonyms? part 21

in this article, you will know how to write your content with keywords and synonyms and how to use it properly in a professional way.

Table of Contents

What is On-Page Optimization?

On-page optimization is the tunning of your machinery to work more effectively than before.

On-page optimization related to website or blog fixing the error and using the unique ways to rank your website in Google is on-page optimization of your website.

What is Content?

Content means not only containing text for your article. it’s also contain

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video

These all are the part of the content and when a professional writer starts writing content and having these all things can have the chances to rank their content than others.

What is Keywords?

You can get the good keyword research in my SEO course Keywords means you are targetting audience for your content in the Google. so, you need to focus on Google Keyword Planner

Content with Keywords and Synonyms

It means you need to write content with a professional way by targetting keywords and it’s synonyms because we can not overlapping of keywords and need to use it Keywords with Synonyms.

Almost use Keywords density 3 to 5% in the Content. because it’s a professional numbering of keyword density.

How to Check Keyword Density?

There is a lot of keyword market tool. but I will tell you keyword which will make you check your keyword density

Go to: Keyword Density Tool

It will ask you to log in and then you can check your plane text keyword density and it will help you to be not warned by Google as Black Hat SEO.

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