On-Page Optimization: Shortlisted Keyword when creating a Website Content part 20

In this article, you will know why Shortlisted keyword is used and what is the importance of these shortlisted keywords when creating website content.

Table of Contents

Role of Creating Website Content

As a blogger, we all know that people are saying: “Content is King”. it’s actually true when you have a good strategy of a keyword as a blogger. the google will crawl your website and more content and more Google will crawl your website.

What does Google need?

Google needs to index your website and people will search for if you are writing content in the demands of people.

What is Content?

Content means not having a text in the article. it contains

  • Text
  • Images
  • Music
  • Video
There are two types of content
  • Static Content

Static contents are long-lasting which define your website and do not use to change on a daily basis. Example Home Page, Services Page, Contact us Page, and Privacy Policy.

  • Content Blog

Content Blog is the article of your website like if you want visitor on your website then you need to write a content blog daily. it can be in thousands or millions are it can be written on a daily basis like a newspaper.

you can write every type of content. but you only take care of one thing do not hit anyone as a rumor. it can be broken law of online and Government can charge a fine for this.