On-Page Optimization: What should be the length of Content for SEO? part 22

length of content for SEO

In on-page optimization as a page-factor level if we discuss what should be the length of content for SEO when you write an article on your website.

What is Content?

Everyone thinks content is only text format which blogger wrote online. but content contains

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Internal Links
  • External Links

These all are the part of the content if you are going to write an article online as a blogger.

We all know every expert we have listened on the phrase “Content is King” and it’s true when you are going to write content for your blog then you need to focus on many things how much text we should use and how many images are necessary to add in content and why to use video in your content.


Text format is very useful for the blogger. because we all wanted to be crawled by google fastly Googlebot only read text format in HTML. then, we should do more focus on the text by using keywords to be targetted in Google and Synonyms too. Minimum 500 Text and Maximum it depends on you. but don’t let your reader be bored.


Images attract visitor attention and let your reader stay on your content for more time. do not use too much picture just let your reader understand that what your paragraph has the imaginary image.


Videos have the power to gain more customer reader for your blog. Youtube is the best way to explain your ideas and product which your content is dependant and let your reader understand the story of your content.

Internal & External Links

Internal links: means adding hyperlink of your own article in the related category so it will help your reader to understand more effectively and also it will increase your reader trust.

External Links: means to add hyperlinks to other blog and website if you are explaining any type of historical things by the reference of Encylopedia.

Result: So, this is the professional way to write content for your blog and still have a question about what should be the length of content for SEO? ask me 🙂