Paypal in Pakistan – Get Paypal Account in Pakistan

paypal in pakistan

First of all, if you are going to create a Paypal in Pakistan account you need to Register for Payoneer Debit Card with the help of this debit card you can cash out from Paypal to your Payoneer account, it is necessary to create Payoneer account because you need to transfer your all funds of Paypal to payoneer debit card it is availabel in paklistan and this service is given fron new york company to avail this opportunity in Pakistan .

Go to this Link and complete registration for Payoneer Debit card

Payoneer Debit card took almost 10 to 15 days to arrive at your door step in that parcel you will get the information of your account and can verify your online account too. when the all process done by you you can connect your paypal account to your payoneer debit card and you can cash out your money from any atm like MCB Bank or any Link 1 atm Machine.

Paypal in Pakistan

PayPal is not accessible in Pakistan but we have an alternate method to get a paypal account. Because some website cash-out is only available for Paypal.

Step 1 Go to this Link : Fake Name Generator

you need to create fake name and id and use that information for the signup of Paypal.

step 2 Go to this Link : Paypal

you need to signup with that information which you have generated on fake name Generator Website with your personal account. how to create a Paypal account in this video. where you can see and learn.