Raza Samo Pakistani Youtuber Losses his Youtube Monetisation

Raza Samo Pakistani Youtuber: The computerized development has at long last permitted numerous individuals in Pakistan to win distinction, fortune, and a great deal of exposure. Actually, numerous stars that we are aware of today got renowned by being a piece of the computerized network. Take TikTokers for a beginning. There are a great deal of TikTokers and YouTubers who have gotten obviously celebrated with the progression of time and are likewise gaining a ton of cash through their Vlogs and recordings.

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Some renowned YouTubers are Daniyal Sheik, Danish Ali, Arsalan thus some more. Nonetheless, one significant name that can never be overlooked with regards to the computerized network of Pakistan is Raza Samo of Awesamo Speaks. The YouTube humorist has additionally given us some truly moving substance and has likewise won our entire existence! Raza Samo Pakistani Youtuber

YouTuber awesamo raza samo hack

Source: Facebook

Tragically, however the helpless star YouTube star’s record got hacked and he lost a great deal of his recordings which had caused him to win a favorable luck. He took to web-based social networking to impart the horrendous news to his fans and disclose to them the dismal story of how his YouTube account was hacked.

Raza advises his fan that he converses with Google Support for help and wouldn’t like to begin another Twitter pattern, gave the viral PUBG and advanced network discussion going on. He just requests a great deal of wishes from his fans and supporters consequently. After an in point by point conversation with Google Support, he is significantly increasingly upset to discover that his difficult work should go down the channel!

As indicated by the YouTube star, after some exertion he has gotten his channels back; which is uplifting news nonetheless, during the whole hacking, there was a live stream video that Google accepts is illicit and accordingly, drops the adaptation for Raza Samo. Raza Samo Pakistani Youtuber

Not exclusively is this news disheartening for the star yet troubling for his fans moreover. Samo takes to Facebook to impart his regret to people in general and shouts how is it reasonable for work for no cash!

At long last, Samo includes that in spite of the fact that this ghastly hacking occurrence may affect him severely, he won’t let it break him! Truth be told, he includes that he thinks about this as a minor difficulty and vows to be back with a blast genuine soon.

. We additionally would like to see him genuine before long back on the screen. The computerized network of Pakistan is experiencing a significant emergency circumstance particularly with the on and off talk about the PUBG boycott. In any case, seeing such heartlessness with our own capable Raza Samo is in fact deplorable. We wish this adorable and astounding star the good luck!