Youtube: Earn Money on Youtube | How to Create a Youtube Channel (Full Guide)

How to Earn Money on Youtube

In this article, I will teach you to Earn Money on Youtube.

You will learn:

  • Gmail Account
  • How to Select Keyword
  • Learn How to create a Youtube Channel
  • Youtube Channel Features
  • Apply for the Adsense Account
  • Best Software for Editing Videos

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How to make youtube channel???

First of all, you need to have a good name which has the best researches and you can increase your youtube channel rapidly to earn money on Youtube.

Then, you need to have a Gmail account and go to youtube login and create your channel.

After that, make a good picture which represents your channel and Banner which has a great sense about your channel.

Now, Follow me I will teach you to earn money online from youtube.

My Course Structure

  • Keyword Research
  • Adsense Policies
  • Best Editing Software for youtube
  • When you Get Money

I will cover all the training of youtube in my articles within parts just for you to understand each and everything.

When you have done this course I guarantee you will know much about youtube and you will start to make money on youtube.

Note: Just work hard and you will be successful and you will able to make money from youtube online.

Give your time to me and I will teach you the best way to make money through youtube. I have done my work in the best of me and my subscriber are now earning more than 1000$ in a Month.

in this article, I will tell you how to start your Youtube channel and you will know how to set all things to earn money on youtube.

What do you need?

  1. Gmail Account
  2. Good Idea
  3. Best Keyword Name of your Channel

First of all, you need to search the Best keyword which suits your youtube channel. you need to Go start-up with your Gmail account and then you need to find out the keyword.

How to Select the Best Keyword Name for Youtube?

The Best keyword means you are using in Google to search for which your youtube channel will be based on.

Why do you need to Select The Keyword?

Because when someone searches on youtube you will be easy to access on youtube and this unique name will help you to increase your visitor for you the more visitor means to more traffic you will convert into money.

What is the Best thing that I need to remember as a Youtuber?

you need to work regularly on youtube to earn money on youtube

Best Suggestion:

  • Work Regularly
  • Focus on your Title and Description
  • Share on Social Media
  • Add Tags
  • Ignore People who degrade you online is a scam and whatever.

in this article, I will teach you how to create a channel and set your channel to learn to earn money with youtube.

Why Choose Youtube everyone?

Because youtube is paying more than 50 percent of their earning if you are earning 100$ in a Month and youtube will be earning from you 39$.

How to Create a Youtube Channel?

All you need is to make your video and leave all things on me to teach you each and every step of how to earn money on youtube.

Just remember one thing you need to be sincere with your work and don’t try to cheat Youtube, Because there is no one who competes Google and they have expert and having to experience more than 15 years. so, how can you think that you can cheat them by doing piracy of other videos?

Why Choose Youtube Platform for Earning?

  • Pay their worker more than any platform
  • Easy to Get Visitor
  • Youtube has more than 4.7 billion searches in a day
  • Easy tools to understand
  • Have Professional platform and have the rank of 3 worldwide
  • 4k videos supported

Youtube will give you the opportunity to make online earning and work honestly you will earn the finest money from youtube. I have a student who is earning more than 500$ in a Month.

in this article, I will teach you the Features of youtube and you can take the benefits of it and go for how to earn money from Youtube.

Youtube Shortcut Keys

youtube shortcut key

These are the amazing silent features of youtube and I will discuss an amazing feature that youtube hold in for the developers.

You can set up all your feature with this helping video that I am going to provide you and you can start making money online. try to cooperate and watch all video to understand all features of youtube.

Why Youtube is the Best Platform?

Because there are millions of viewer who are finding for things for example songs, solution and techniques because we are the co-worker on the youtube to help those and we can earn money per 1000 view per video more than 3 to 4 dollar.

Can We Make Money from Youtube?

Yes, you can earn money from youtube. all you need to concentrate on my videos and dollar teacher will help you how to make money on youtube. Youtube pay on per thousand views it varies with high CPC countries.

High CPC Countries

Countries Views Earning

UAE 1000 3-5$

UK 1000 2-4

Finland 1000 2-4

Australia 1000 2-3

Other USA 1000 2.5-4$

ASIA 1000 1.5-2$

Try to target this audience with a keyword research tool and you can earn more with the help of these countries.

I will come to my today’s topic I have discussed the youtube features and it was simple to use and make it easy for you. you can see your analytics reports of your videos and live audience that I have discussed in my video.


you can see these all reports in your youtube channel Beta settings.

  • Youtube Analytic report
  • Live audience tool
  • View per video report
  • Daily earning Report
  • Enhance the target keyword
  • Top watched Videos report
  • Channel Comments Approval

Today, we are going to discuss in my training how to Monetize Your Youtube Channel where you can see Earn money online from youtube.

How to Apply on Google Adsense?

  • First of all, Go to the Link: Google Adsense
  • Then click on the Get Started
  • After that, Signup with you copied the link of your channel
  • Complete the Information with your CNIC and Gmail

All you need to signup with your real identity because when you will get your first payment from youtube. you have to receive your first payment from Western Union you need to submit your copy of CNIC.

Important about Adsense

  • Do not try to copy other material under Copyright Infragments
  • Original work will be considered for earning
  • Google Pay more than other Ad networking Media

If you work hard and do not try to cheat to Google Adsense you will get real money for a long time. Google Adsense always try to give unique things in Google Search Engine.

Youtube Requirements

  • Watch Time of your Videos 4000Hours
  • Minimum Subscriber 1000.

When you have completed Youtube Requirements then, Monetize your Youtube Channel

Why People Get Blocked by Google Adsense?

Because Google Adsense is strict who try to copy other people videos and they blocked them for doing fake work. they try to edit videos with watermark of their channel and changing screen. what do you think? is it a real way to make money for last long? My answer is No. because it’s an online thief who tries to piracy other people material. Now, Learn How to Apply on Google Adsense for Youtube.

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